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This man is ready to meet a young (and not so young) and independent female(s) to create a unique and harmonic family



Portrait of the ideal female life partner(s)


  • loves, wants and can have children
  • likes: 
    • warmth and sun
    • mountains and seas
  • physically active
  • prefers fan to air conditioner
  • can endure heat
  • open-minded, empathic, kind, gentle, affectionate, tender, sincere, target-oriented, awaken
  • vegetarian or vegan
  • practices yoga
  • meditates
  • loves sex
  • sex positive
  • bisexual
  • beautiful / good-looking
  • in good shape and form
  • positive
  • tolerant
  • believes that harmony is possible in the family and in the whole world
  • can learn and ready to changes (personal growth and personal development continuously)
  • independent & self-suficient


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About our family


Honesty, fairness and equality in the family.

We have to have common goals and targets, which we want to reach together and independently and our common goal shall be helping each other to become the best possible version of oneself / ourselves

In our family we'll speak freely several languages, such as:

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • English
  • Arabic
  • French
  • German

And the following languages are optional, however very desirable:

  • Spanish 
  • Turkish
  • Farsi
  • Japanese
  • Korean

I intend to have several female life partners, who with we will live together as one harmonic and unconventional family.

My life partners, ideally, will have different skin colours and will be from various ethnical groups:

  • "yellow" East Asian origins
  • "black" African origins
  • "oriental" Arabian origins
  • "white" Caucasian origins

I envision us to live very close to the seashore. In a warm climate. Maybe in tropics in winters and in Mediterranean the remaining time. Ideally the place would have mountains, beach, sea and river(s) and lake(s). I want us to grow our own food and live in a house on land.

I'll be happy together with you to look for and find a country(-ies) to conceive and bare our children.

Once our children are born, I’d want us to live together with them and home-school them.


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Family Codex


We will make us, being life partners, best friends and great lovers and our family work by:
  • telling the truth
  • unconditionally loving each other and everyone we love and care about
  • being real and true ALL the time!
We, as a family will strive to help each other to:
  • reach the individual and collective targets and goals
  • make the individual and collective dreams come true
  • become a better version of oneself

We as life partners will live in so called consultative relationship:

life partners will consult each other before making major decisions, which potentially will affect everyone

We will be kind, loving, empatic and forgiving towards each other
We will NOT be (re)vengeful, vindictive and / or making any harmful plans towards each other at any time in our lives
We will NEVER harm each other while together as a family and even more so in the (hopefully very unlikely) event of us going separate ways and by NEVER we mean NEVER!


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Why I want to have such an unconventional family?


This family will be a mini-world.

Our children will grow together knowing that:

  • they're one family
  • they will be rasism and nationalism free
  • their mother(s) with her(their) unique talents and capabilities is(are) always there for them and they always can contact them for advice and help(ing hands)... And of course they'll have me - their clever and wise father. (I know modesty makes us more beautiful, especially me) :)

Children will be able to speak several languages fluently.

Together as a happy and harmonious family we will be able to achieve anything we want to achieve.


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About me


I'm 4x+ years old.
Sex positive polyamorous straight man.
I don't have any children (yet).
I was not married. (Not a single time; It just didn't happen)


  • travelled and still travel quite a lot on our planet. Currently I live in Germany again. (and I guess I'm here not for very long again, though; mentally I'm ready for the next "jump". Where I'll end up - I honestly don't know; We'll see. I'll keep you posted)
  • love foreign languages.
Right now I speak fluently three of them:
  • English
  • German


  • Russian 

I'm learning French, Chinese and Arabic. All of them, more or less parallel i.e. simultaneously. In the learning queue are some other languages, such as: Japanese, Korean, Farsi (Persian), Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Finish... The time will show, if there will be any others. There are so many interesting languages in the world. 

I love yoga and practise meditation as much and as often as I can. 

I have so many dreams, plans and targets and I work on reaching them and making them true. 

My life style was very strongly formed by Transurfing, Simoron and personal development in general. 

Continuous personal development and growth - that's totally me. 

I'm far far away from being successful, because this is a permanent work in progress, however I would say that I'm kind, tender, affectionate, gentle and sincere and I like the equality in the house (read: at home).

You can read more about me in the short description on the top of the main page. And, of course, the best way to get to know the person is to meet one "in flesh and blood" i.e. face to face and live with one. :)

If you want to know even more, simply ask. :)


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If you've liked what you just read, then contact me at your earliest convenience i.e. as soon as you can and meet me face to face. My contact data is below this sentence.


My contact data


Mobile in Thailand (only Whatsapp):

(plus)6six 6three 6four90eight01




4leo [at]

contact [at]

The remaining contact data, I'll provide upon a personal request.


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