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Youtube Music

I’m pretty happy that there is Youtube Music.
This platform allows me to listen to almost all the songs I want to listen to and the web version used in certain browsers even makes it very pleasurable and enjoyable, because some certain browsers cut out completely the advertisements.

The category “Songs and music I like” came into life hugely because of Youtube Music.

Did you check out this one?

Well, there I share the songs and music I like and the memories I connect with them and also geographical settings and locations in connection to these songs and music.

Enjoy insights into my life.

Today I woke up with the intention to make a video about how I strongly dislike the fake personalities on the Internet’s social media platforms of whom there are plentiful plenitude:

People who do not reply to the messages
People who do not answer questions
People who ignore other people
People who treat other people as if they were dirt
The list could go on for quite some time

In my case this are mainly and mostly females and I guess some females might experience more or less the same from males what I experience from females. Especially whose who are considered to be less beautiful and less pretty by the current societal standards.

#emotional_bullies #selfishpeople #selfish_people

What is the bridge between being radically honest and kind and empathical as well at the same time?

#honesty #radicalhonesty #radical_honesty #kind #kindness #empathy #awareness #being_here_and_now

#creeps_are_people_too and they deserve the honest replies and honest feedback unless they’re narcissistic, abusive and abusing

#weirdo #weirdos

World without money

When I was younger I wanted to create a world-known multinational corporation, accumulate a tons of money and topple the money system.

To create something like “Amazon”. With the amount of money Jeff Besos currently has he effectively can change the world. He just doesn’t.

How I wanted to topple the money system? By creating / building the free prosperous open source cities

which would grow and prosper absolutely without money in various regions of our planet and on various continents.

Now I’d prefer to Walk / go a different path.

I’d like to start let’s say in Greece and establish a free school freely accessible by anyone: be it a 5 years young child or 95 years young adult.

The name of the school is “Free School of Happiness and Happy Life”

and a place where people with depressions could come and connect with other people

“The house of meetings”

All this will be established on a plot of land, where we’ll grow our own food using the principles of permaculture, by planting fruit forests and food and flowers gardens.


If you know of some / a dilapidated farm / farmland of Khalkidiki, Greece, ideally on Sithoniya please let me know.

The plans is to rent the farm with the option to buy it out and to own it.

My current thoughts

It’s very sad and it is very difficult to see your own ideas and dreams dying.

In 2017 while on Phuket I lost all my data in a computer crash.

It was kind of a new beginning for me. What one can do in such situation? One can cry about the loss and ponder about the cosmic and karmic Whys: Why the heck did it happen? Why the heck did it happen to ME? Why? or one can accept the loss and keep living with what one (still) has and advance forward into the unknown future with the head high up.

Right now I stuck in the dilemma:

I have a creator and entrepreneur mind and mentailty:

I easily come up with new ideas and the same easy I see what could be improved in places and products and of course I have plenty of my own ideas.

I have very mixed feelings, when my ideas get realized by other people: on one hand I’m happy that this is out in our world now and it is finally there, “it breathes and lives”; on the other hand I’m sad that it was done by someone else and not by me or by my (currently) none existing team.

#my_current_thoughts #current_thoughts #current_state

My ideal morning

My ideal morning

After I woke up I drink water with lemon and write into my journal, where I capture:

– my dreams
– what I’m grateful for at this particular day / morning

Once I finished writing I go to do morning exercise, which includes breathing exercises, yoga, cardiovascular and general whole body and muscles awareness power training, which may include walking, running, jumping, swimming, lifting weights, including my own weight and meditation.
Once finished morning exercise I go to eat breakfast.
During the breakfast I drink freshly pressed fruit / vegetable or mixed fruit and vegetable juice or green coctail and eat fresh fruits and vegetables and variety of corns and nuts.
After breakfast I read.
Once finished reading I play music.

Mission statement

– be happy
– be independent
– have a home to return to
– live in places, where I feel great
– speak many languages fluently
– play several music instruments
– be an amazing life partner to my female life partner(s)
– be a wonderful parent to my (future) children
– be healthy and full of energy at any age
– change my surroundings and the world around me for better by being the change I want to see in the world