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Short HelloTalk and Tandem comparison

What Tandem is doing better that HelloTalk:


+ has full web version of their app
+ allows 8 languages for free (instead of only one language in HelloTalk)

What HelloTalk is doing better than Tandem:

+ way better functionality; there are many useful features such as:

  • deleteable messages (!!!)
  • one can quote-reply to ALL messages (!!!)

and many others … If you’d like to know which exactly – ask me.

I regularly submit new features to HelloTalk; let’s see if they will implement any of them.
If they do, I’ll feel happier.

Last poem by Irina Otieva / Последняя поэма – Ирина Отиева

Uzbekistan, modern settlement not too far from the capital city.

This song takes me immediately into my childhood. I’m sitting on the carpet, which lies on the floor in the living room. There is a movie on TV. It is a love story and I am too little to understand the love matters between young adults, however the song is very memorable, melodic and sets itself solidly into my memory, to the degree that even now, many decades later I still remember it.

Youtube Music

I’m pretty happy that there is Youtube Music.
This platform allows me to listen to almost all the songs I want to listen to and the web version used in certain browsers even makes it very pleasurable and enjoyable, because some certain browsers cut out completely the advertisements.

The category “Songs and music I like” came into life hugely because of Youtube Music.

Did you check out this one?

Well, there I share the songs and music I like and the memories I connect with them and also geographical settings and locations in connection to these songs and music.

Enjoy insights into my life.

Звезда by Глюк’oZa

I’m in my apartment in Munich. It is a windy winter day, however the spring is coming slowly and yet surely. One can already feel it and smell it in the air. Some birds are chirping and singing.

I just finished watching a movie called “Kuka” about a small girl, who lived with her dead grandmother to rely on her pension payments, which the girl would receive even longer after the grandmother died.

The movie was recommended to me by a female friend of mine, who I know since we were teenagers, after I recommended her a movie to watch.

If you don’t understand Russian and you didn’t watch the movie, the song itself won’t do any sense for you and won’t cause any reactions in you.

I’m Shipping Up To Boston by Dropkick Murphys

I’m watching “The Departed” with Leonardo di Caprio.
This movie was a complete game change for me personally, because starting from this movie I completely changed my opinion about him as an actor.

This song gives me an energy push anytime I listen to it.

Where exactly I watched this movie I do not remember anymore; could be in Ireland or England.

Today I woke up with the intention to make a video about how I strongly dislike the fake personalities on the Internet’s social media platforms of whom there are plentiful plenitude:

People who do not reply to the messages
People who do not answer questions
People who ignore other people
People who treat other people as if they were dirt
The list could go on for quite some time

In my case this are mainly and mostly females and I guess some females might experience more or less the same from males what I experience from females. Especially whose who are considered to be less beautiful and less pretty by the current societal standards.

#emotional_bullies #selfishpeople #selfish_people

What is the bridge between being radically honest and kind and empathical as well at the same time?

#honesty #radicalhonesty #radical_honesty #kind #kindness #empathy #awareness #being_here_and_now

#creeps_are_people_too and they deserve the honest replies and honest feedback unless they’re narcissistic, abusive and abusing

#weirdo #weirdos

Go Go Yellow Screen by Digital Emotion

Central Kazakhstan
I’m at my college, where I was studying at the time.
We have a disco evening in our classroom, approved by our class teacher and organized by all of us.
We are blessed to have a great DJ guy in our group.
The evening was an absolute success, so we will have a remake of the evening one more time some time later again.
We’re young, the girls are pretty.
On one of such evening a friend of mine gets to meet his future and still his current wife and the life partner.

Зима, зима by Вячеслав Малежик

I’m in central Kazakhstan. It’s cold winter.
My baby sister is in the hospital. She came to visit me and my grandparents and in the new year eve night her appendix brought her into hospital. My now deceased uncle was overseeing her recovery however not the operation itself.
The other girl in the hospital room is beautiful and quite experienced with boys and I am “dumb” and inexperienced. Nevertheless we end up meeting each other a couple of times. We didn’t end up as a couple because I “opened up” to one of her female friends (I told her some stuff from my life I’m not really proud about and she told it further) and it didn’t go well and we end up becoming strangers to each other. It was a pity because we both liked each other. She liked my reserveness, holding back and shyness and I liked her beauty and outgoing nature. She was clever as well.
Now every time I hear the song it reminds me of her. Her name was Elena Tikhomirova [*], however I didn’t get to know her as too quiet and too peaceful.

* Tikho means quiet in Russian and mir means peace.