Wonderlust by Will Post

I’m sitting at home in a arm chair which already shows the signs of a wore (is slightly worn out) and watching a movie titled “The kissing booth 2”.

I don’t know about you I however pretty much like the love stories and this one is a good love story, too. It is also a story about friendships (old and new ones).

If you like watching movies like I do, I recommend you check out the song and both of the movies:

“The kissing booth”
“The kissing booth 2”


You’re welcome.

Rooftops – Jesus Culture

I’m sitting in the cold and not heated room of a house which soon will be demolished.
I sit at a desk and close to me is staying my aunt. It is cold end of September days.
Before playing back this song to her I was doing in the internet what I usually do: research, listen to music, educating myself etc.
She asks me what the song is about as she doesn’t speak and understand English. I tell her that the song is about freedom and God.
Once the song finishes she goes back to watching TV and I go back to my usual activities.


Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

I’m a teenager
It’s a late evening
In the TV runs the music marathon organised by Pepsi
This is where and how I saw and heard this song.


I’m outside but the song is playing in my head.
Just a couple of days ago we had an earthquake and for this evening there was a prognose that it will be another earthquake tonight. Some people are on the streets, some however, like my mother, ignore the prognose and stay indoor, doing what they usually do at those late hours. It’s a fresh however not cold evening. Some children are playing. Some parents are talking to / with / at each other.
After some time spent outside some families start returning back to the apartments.


P.S. It didn’t earthquake that night.

10.000 reasons performed by Matt Redman

I’m sitting in the bus on an actual fresh morning in Nairobi, Kenya.
Next to me is sitting a young woman with her son.
We’re going to go into the city center.
The music is thundering from the all the speakers installed on the bus, and believe me there were many, however it is actually a very pleasant song.

I’m agnostic however I actually really enjoy the currently playing song, to the degree that I record a good portion of it onto my smartphone to remember it and I search for the song on my smartphone on the internet.
The sun is warming up the air and the day becomes pleasantly warm.


Today I decided to start a new category

The category is called “The songs and music I love”

In this category I will place the song or music piece(s), which I love and I will also write my association with the song or music: the most bright location I associate the song with, activity etc

I’d like to start with a Russian song “Ты узнаешь её” / “You will recognise her” performed by Russian all male band “Корни” / “Roots”.


The setting:

One of the Baltic countries
A hotel room
Outside the window is the cold winter evening
I’m in bed with my girlfriend to become, sexing, in the background is a TV playing songs on a music channel.
Suddenly my female shouts “I fucking love this song”, slips underneath me, jumps out from the bed, runs to the TV and makes the TV louder.

She lays herself onto her stomach and for the longevity of the song I just lay near her caressing her hair and body. Once the song finishes we proceed with what we paused with.

This was / is this song.

World without money

When I was younger I wanted to create a world-known multinational corporation, accumulate a tons of money and topple the money system.

To create something like “Amazon”. With the amount of money Jeff Besos currently has he effectively can change the world. He just doesn’t.

How I wanted to topple the money system? By creating / building the free prosperous open source cities


which would grow and prosper absolutely without money in various regions of our planet and on various continents.

Now I’d prefer to Walk / go a different path.

I’d like to start let’s say in Greece and establish a free school freely accessible by anyone: be it a 5 years young child or 95 years young adult.

The name of the school is “Free School of Happiness and Happy Life”


and a place where people with depressions could come and connect with other people

“The house of meetings”


All this will be established on a plot of land, where we’ll grow our own food using the principles of permaculture, by planting fruit forests and food and flowers gardens.


If you know of some / a dilapidated farm / farmland of Khalkidiki, Greece, ideally on Sithoniya please let me know.

The plans is to rent the farm with the option to buy it out and to own it.