Today I woke up with the intention to make a video about how I strongly dislike the fake personalities on the Internet’s social media platforms of whom there are plentiful plenitude:

People who do not reply to the messages
People who do not answer questions
People who ignore other people
People who treat other people as if they were dirt
The list could go on for quite some time

In my case this are mainly and mostly females and I guess some females might experience more or less the same from males what I experience from females. Especially whose who are considered to be less beautiful and less pretty by the current societal standards.

#emotional_bullies #selfishpeople #selfish_people

What is the bridge between being radically honest and kind and empathical as well at the same time?

#honesty #radicalhonesty #radical_honesty #kind #kindness #empathy #awareness #being_here_and_now

#creeps_are_people_too and they deserve the honest replies and honest feedback unless they’re narcissistic, abusive and abusing

#weirdo #weirdos

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