Зима, зима by Вячеслав Малежик

I’m in central Kazakhstan. It’s cold winter.
My baby sister is in the hospital. She came to visit me and my grandparents and in the new year eve night her appendix brought her into hospital. My now deceased uncle was overseeing her recovery however not the operation itself.
The other girl in the hospital room is beautiful and quite experienced with boys and I am “dumb” and inexperienced. Nevertheless we end up meeting each other a couple of times. We didn’t end up as a couple because I “opened up” to one of her female friends (I told her some stuff from my life I’m not really proud about and she told it further) and it didn’t go well and we end up becoming strangers to each other. It was a pity because we both liked each other. She liked my reserveness, holding back and shyness and I liked her beauty and outgoing nature. She was clever as well.
Now every time I hear the song it reminds me of her. Her name was Elena Tikhomirova [*], however I didn’t get to know her as too quiet and too peaceful.


* Tikho means quiet in Russian and mir means peace.

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