About me

Leo ForceThe real me: a scanner [definition by B. Sher in one of her books “Refuse to choose”], a social multipreneur, a curious mind, a change catalyst, a child of Earth (Earthling) and Universe.
Extroverted introvert, mostly vegan, yoga and meditations.
Ethical polygam. Sex positive. Straight. I love independent, intelligent and good-looking females with beautiful bodies and beautiful souls.
I love raw desserts: raw cakes and raw cupcakes.
I’m still learning to communicate using conscious and harmonic communication, which includes the principles of radical honesty, transparency, openness, empathy, non-violent communication, “The Work” by Byron Katie and permanent and never-ending conscious kindness.
I live to my best possible capacity by the following principle: “do as you will, as long as you do no(t) harm anyone and / or anything”.

My personal mission statement

  • be happy
  • be independent and free
  • have a home (or two) to live (not just a bouncing point to return to)
  • live in places where I feel great
  • speak many various languages fluently
  • play several musical instruments
  • be an amazing life partner to my female life partner(s)
  • be a wonderful parent to our children
  • be healthy and full of energy at any age

At the current time in me live two opposites:

+ one dreams about living in a world, where money don’t exist even as a term. In a world, where people are free, happy, live in harmony with each other and nature beneath, above and around them.
+ the other one wants to live on an Earth-similar planet only with my own family without any other people with a possibility to visit Earth any time we want to
to live on our own two islands: one in tropics and one in subtropics (Mediterranean) and own several real estate properties all around our beautiful planet, on different continents and in various places and countries.

In the current political pandemics reality I’d love to have:

+ unconditional (basic) income
+ a warm & comfortable house in Malmö, Sweden with a quick and stable internet access and everything in and around the house which is needed for a safe and comfortable life, with a big plot of land to grow my own food.

In a better reality:

I’d live in a warm in colder times and in a pleasantly cool in the warmer times house with a quick and reliable internet access and everything in and around the house which is needed for a safe and comfortable life, with a big plot of land to grow my own food somewhere in tropics, sub-tropics or Mediterranean and have unconditional (basic) income for me being able to live the life I want to live.

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Who am I looking for?

I’m looking for a / (some) female life partner(s) to establish an unconventional family

More about it you can read here

If you know places online and offline, where I can meet bisexual females all over the globe, please recommend me them.

Currently I’m looking for a FF couple, where both females are bisexual, skinny and / or curvy and one of them is of dark skin tone origin (African etc) and another one is of Chinese / Korean origin and who are looking for an honest male as their life partner.

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Female language tandem partner(s)

for improving spoken conversational languages and listening understanding and also hand-written Chinese

Tandem & HelloTalk:


Feel free to find and follow me there

Currently looking for: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Greek
Offering: mainly Russian but also English and/or German

My interests encompass the following topics and subjects:

permaculture and city planning, professional storytelling, harmonic and non-violent communication, empathy and radical honesty, sex and sexuality, love and happiness, deep machine learning and artificial intelligence, yoga and meditation, personal development and others

If you are interested or you know someone who might be interested, feel free to contact me

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Like-minded people

  • International support team for creating an interplanetary space saga (fiction) “Happy People”; books and films

The book is being written
The book’s objective is to show people that to live in the world without money is possible; to live freely, happily and in harmony with himself / herself and others is possible; on our planet and also on other planets
The story is about universes where money simply doesn’t exist at all. In some universes they never had money and in some universes they got rid of it and about all kind of beings living in these universes

Link tree for the project

Page on Facebook

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  • Anyone / everyone interested in project “Free Prosperous Open Source Cities”

The objective: to create blueprints for building cities and build cities, which prosper and blossom without any money

Page on Facebook

Group on Facebook

Description on Google Drive

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  • Co-founders and social investors for House Of Meetings (HOMe)

The project, in the first line, is oriented for people, who either suffer from depression or who wants to help the people they know, who suffers from depression.

More information about the project could be found here

Group on Facebook

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  • School of happiness and happy life

Page on Facebook

The description of the school can also be found here

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Some contacts with hardware designers and / or product managers from such companies like: HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Apple

I have several ideas both for software and hardware

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Mobile (in Germany):

(plus)49 1seven6 two7one6 8six99


4leo [at] leoforce.me
contact [at] leoforce.me

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